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Welcome to dance class! A good ballet class promotes self-discipline, confidence, creativity, poise, and grace in a joyful, encouraging atmosphere. Being on time and prepared when you come to class helps us all to make the most of class time.

About coming to class:

  • Please try your best to be on time to class. If you are late, do not enter the classroom until you have your dance clothes and slippers on and are ready to join the class. When you are ready, quietly enter the studio, place your belongings on a chair and be ready to dance. Late arrivals are a distraction, so please help minimize this as much as possible.

  • "Visitors' Day" is the first class of each month. Family, friends, and cameras are welcome. PLEASE DO NOT TALK OR WHISPER WHILE OBSERVING THE CLASS. On other days, parents are asked to please wait outside the classroom.

  • Please be aware of the dancers in the studio, by talking quietly coming up the stairs and in the waiting area, and by keeping children not in class quietly entertained in the waiting room.
What to wear and bring:
  • Pre-school and kindergarten students may wear whatever they like to class.

  • All other students:

  • - Simple solid-color leotard no skirt
    - Pale pink or white tights, or bare legs with white anklets
    - Hair pulled away from face and off neck. Bun, ponytail, braids, or a wide head band for short hair.

  • All slippers must have elastic across the instep.

  • Every student should have a bag kept especially for their dance clothes and slippers. Also include hair necessities and always bring your bag to class. This way you will know where your dance clothes are. Remember not to wear your ballet slippers outside.

I look forward to seeing you in class, and I welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions.